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Virginia Nature Triathlon: Walk Ride Paddle

Virginia Nature Triathlon: Walk Ride Paddle

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The "Virginia Nature Triathlon," is a remarkable Virginia-based adventure that challenges participants to hike 550 miles of the Appalachian Trail through Virginia, paddle the 340-mile length of the James River, and cycle the 217-mile portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and the 150-mile Skyline Drive through scenic Shenandoah National Park. Inspired by Senator Tim Kaine's personal journey and recounted experiences in 'Walk Ride Paddle,' this guide offers detailed maps, essential tips, and strategic advice to navigate these diverse and stunning routes. Designed for adventurers of all levels, from seasoned long-distance adventurers to day-trippers, the guide promises an unforgettable journey through Virginia's most captivating natural landscapes.


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