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Overland Track Hiking Guide

Overland Track Hiking Guide

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Distance: One way, 72 km 5-6 Days

The Overland Track located in a World Heritage area is Tasmania's iconic hike. Start out at the beautiful Dove Lake and marvel at Cradle Mountain with its distinctive rock outcrops towering above. The side trip to climb Cradle Mountain rewards you with spectacular views over the glacially formed alpine lakes, tarns and far off mountains. As you hike south, the dominant dolerite peak of Barn Bluff commands your attention from the surrounding alpine plains.

Magnificent Pandani palms with their dark green spiky leaves flourish like an oasis in the shelter of Waterfall Valley. Enjoy a snack on the sandy beach of Lake Will and even a swim in its icy waters.

Like medieval Japanese paintings, the pencil pines with their ancient trunks and spindly foliage reflect into the tranquil Lake Windemere waters. The views down to the rugged and remote Mersey River Gorge from Pine Forest Moor provide you with a wonderful sense of being in the wilderness.

The peaks of West Pelion and the very distinctive East Pelion stand like sentinels. A side trip to Tasmania's highest peak Mount Ossa (1617 m) can provide 360 degree views across to Frenchman's Cap and beyond. 

The Du Cane Range has some magnificent forests and views. Following the Narcissus River downstream towards Lake St Clair provides great views of The Acropolis and Mt Geryon. When you arrive at Lake St Clair you can either catch the ferry or meander along beside the lake in a beautiful forest.

Start: Dove Lake, Lake St Clair.

Seasons: Spring, Summer and Autumn. Weather conditions can change quickly and snow, hail and rain can occur any time of the year - even summer!

To plan your trip refer to

Thank you to Pat Lynch, Stu and Deb Gordon for photos.

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