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Lochsa River Whitewater Guide

Lochsa River Whitewater Guide

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The Lochsa River begins at the confluence of Colt Kill creek and Crooked Fork. Colt Kill creek gathers its name from the Lewis and Clark expedition, where they killed a horse to eat it during their expedition. The Lochsa ends its journey at its confluence with the Selway, where they become the Clearwater. The Lochsa was one of the original eight rivers to be protected under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.

This guide outlines “Section Three” from Fish Creek to Split Creek. Importantly, we are using our own mileage and not the roadside mileage that tends to be seen elsewhere. However, the roadside mileage has been noted, but is not the primary marker.

It’s easy to get into trouble quickly on the Lochsa, especially so at high water. Pay attention, wear adequate gear (the water is cold) and stay within your skill level.

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