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Jordan Trail Hiking Guide

Jordan Trail Hiking Guide

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Official app of the Jordan Trail Association. The Jordan Trail is a rugged and historic route that crosses the entire country of Jordan. It runs along parts of ancient trading routes and intersects with the King's Highway that stretched from Egypt to Aqaba and then north to Damascus, and is said to have been travelled by many ancient people, including such historic figures as Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad. The Jordan Trail stretches from the Fertile Crescent in the North to the edge of the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea in the South. The trail travels through a multitude of villages, allowing hikers to experience rich culture, natural beauty, and vivid history. The project is supported by numerous groups, including volunteers, Bedouin tribes, and local hiking enthusiasts.

The initiative to create the Jordan Trail existed prior to the formation of the Jordan Trail Association, but as the project gained support, the JTA was formed to take on the development of the trail and its maintenance. The JTA was formed in July of 2015 and also works to establish strong connections and provide comprehensive information regarding the trail. The Jordan Trail is supported by many local volunteers, aids the economic development of local communities, and supports the country's economy through minimum impact tourism and by promoting an outdoor culture and environmental awareness.

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