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Goldfields Track

Goldfields Track

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200km, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard/Remote, Unsealed/Sealed Roads, Multi-day

This trail is suitable for both Hikers and Cyclists.

The Goldfields track takes you back in time when the gold rush of the 1850’s was in full swing. The dry forest you ride through would have been populated with miners and their tents. All of them hoping to find a Welcome Stranger. A 72 kg gold nugget ($3 million today).  You can see many relics from this era.

Officially, The Goldfields Track starts at Mount Buninyong south of Ballarat. You can also start in Ballarat because this is where the train station is.

The section from Ballarat to Castlemaine has some rough sections, loose gravel and has rocks in a number of places. A mountain bike is therefore recommended for this section.

The Castlemaine to Bendigo section can be done with a touring bike but there are a few short steep hills which may be a bit of a challenge and you may need to walk.

The ride past the water race is a delight. The Garfield Water Wheel must have dominated the skyline when it was in operation. You get some great views of Bendigo as you complete the final part of the Trail too.

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