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Czech Banat Trail / Stezkou Ceskym Banatem

Czech Banat Trail / Stezkou Ceskym Banatem

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Banát is an area in Romania with an original Czech settlement, where six villages have survived to this day. This is one of the most interesting Czech communities in the world and you will find here 200 years of incredible history combined with beautiful nature. In recent years, the Club of Czech Tourists renewed the tourist signage here, which the Stezka Ceskem organization jointly followed up with in 2023, to create the Stezkou Českým Banátem / Czech Banat Trail.

The trail leads through five of these original Czech villages and you have the opportunity to experience everything that Banát has to offer on 105 kilometers. This trail will take you across the entire area, you will climb to the highest peak, Svinica Mare, and you will spend an unforgettable week in places where you can still communicate in the Czech language.

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