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Camel's Hump Hiking Guide

Camel's Hump Hiking Guide

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At 4083 feet in elevation, Camel's Hump is tied with Mt Ellen as the third-highest peak in Vermont, but it is certainly the most remarkable. The peak is the highest in the state without a ski resort, and its distinctive shape makes it easy to identify from Burlington, Montpelier, and many other towns in the northern part of the state. Most importantly for this guide's purposes, though, the mountain is one of the most rewarding places to hike in the entire state.

The section of The Long Trail that traverses Camel's Hump and the Monroe Skyline is consistently rated as a highlight of the trail, while the Monroe Trail and Burrows Trail provide shorter day-hike options from the east and west. Three backcountry campsites and a gorgeous forest round out the area as one of the most spectacular mountains in New England.

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