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Black Canyon Water Trail

Black Canyon Water Trail

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Rafting or canoeing the Black Canyon Water Trail on the Colorado River outside Las Vegas is to experience a mixture of beauty and rich history. The Colorado River forms the border between Nevada and Arizona along this stretch of river. River right is Nevada, and river left is Arizona. This guide presents a variant of the Black Canyon Water Trail with no permits required. The suggested trip in this guide is to put in at Willow Beach, 11.5 miles downstream of the Hoover Dam, and to paddle upstream towards the dam as a day trip or to one of many riverside campsites before returning to Willow Beach. The Arizona Hot Springs at mile eight are an outstanding destination as well as campsite.  This trip is done year-round, although it is best in the spring and fall. Most people enjoy the river trail on canoes or kayaks. Be aware that the river level fluctuates throughout the day and night as the release from the Hoover dam is adjusted. Current will get stronger in the afternoon, and it is important to pull your boats high onto the beaches at night in case the river level rises overnight.

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