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Bears Ears Loops Bikepacking Guide

Bears Ears Loops Bikepacking Guide

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Official app of Bikepacking Roots. The Bears Ears Loops is 795-mile bikepacking route network developed by Bikepacking Roots to immerse bikepackers in this immense, complex, magnificent, and threatened landscape. What are the Bears Ears? The Bears Ears are two adjacent buttes, together resembling a pair of bear ears, that rise from high on a plateau in southeastern Utah. Visible from many vantages for a hundred miles or more in most directions, these buttes have stood throughout human time and have deep cultural, historic, and political significance. The Bears Ears Loops, paired with Bikepacking Roots' 100-page guidebook, will help riders better understand this landscape beyond its aesthetics and solitude. And a better understanding of a place during powerful experiences creates advocates for places like this.

The riding experience has been intentionally designed to not be particularly technical, to necessitate anything beyond traditional mountain bikes, or to only be accessible for particularly experienced bikepackers. And the route was created in such a way to avoid increasing visitation to some of the most exceptional and seldom-visited areas of the Bears Ears National Monument region to avoid impacting their nature. We hope that you will enjoy your experience exploring the Bears Ears region, learning about its significance, and we ask that you help advocate with us for its future protection and conservation.

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