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Australian Alps Walking Track

Australian Alps Walking Track

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Distance: One way, 680 km HARD and REMOTE

2022 Update: The track has been repaired in many areas. The Main Range track now follows the Snowy River.

The Australian Alps Walking Track takes you through some Australia's best hiking country. The views are spectacular.

The hike goes through remote areas and requires planning as you will need to arrange food and water drops prior to your journey. The area passes through alpine and sub-alpine forests so please avoid hiking in times of extreme fire danger. Water on the trail can be very scarce.

Most people walk south to north because the guidebook by Chapman goes that way.

Namadgi Visitor Centre has a basic cafe and can provide reasonably safe, free long term car parking to walkers on the track. You should always notify staff however.

Walhalla has no public transport and leaving car in the village for 6 to 8 weeks would be at your own risk. The Star hotel offers a shuttle if you stay 2 nights but we suggest you call them for detail and cost.

Kiandra is an excellent place for a food drop. Great road access and midway between Dead Horse Gap (Thredbo) and Namadgi.

Best options for a break on the track are Hotham, Falls Creek and Thredbo. All are walking distance from the AAWT.

There is no guaranteed potable water anywhere on the track. It is all from streams, springs and hut rooves so always treat it. Some is polluted by horses, some by humans and some by carcasses. Some form of treatment system is essential on this track.

Climate change is impacting the track, so if it is dry season, only rely on the larger marked rivers. Many springs are drying up and cannot be relied on. Carry plenty of water.

The few water tanks on the trail are filled by guttering on a small roof.

Sometimes it is wise to include a water drop with you food drops. It can make all the difference.

We have shown huts on the app. All publicly open huts in the Australian Alps National Parks are designated for temporary 'Emergency Shelter Only'. Walkers and park visitors are encouraged to be self sufficient in regarding to always carrying their own tent or shelter rather than relying on huts for overnight accommodation, as they may not reach the hut; may not find the hut in poor weather; or it may be overcrowded when they arrive. Generally, suitable tent campsites can be found near-by to most huts.

Basic 'Caring for huts and respecting heritage' info can be found here on the Alps website:

Thank you for the AAWT Management Team for their valuable route and waypoint information.   

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