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Munda Biddi Trail Cycling Guide

Munda Biddi Trail Cycling Guide

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995 km One Way, Medium, Flat/Hilly, Roads/tracks,Sealed/Unsealed, Multi-day (1016km to Perth City)

Munda Biddi means path through the forest in the Noongar aboriginal language.

This trail gives you a wonderful experience of the Western Australian southern forests and coast line.

Cycle through the dry forests, ancient forests and beside slow flowing rivers. Marvel at the massive Karri forests and dare yourself to climb the 53 m Gloucester Tree. After riding for many days you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Southern Ocean. There are some great spots along the way for a refreshing swim or relax in the quiet of the Australian Bush.

Enjoy the hospitality of the small towns along the way and rest up in one of the many shelters provided in the more isolated areas. Note: Do not rely on water being in the shelters after a dry spell because tanks are replenished by rain only. 

Some areas of the track have sections more suited to a mountain bike with steep gullies and soft sand called pea gravel. For the tour cyclist, we have provided alternative routes away from the pea gravel.

When planning your trip we recommend the Mundi Biddi Foundation website You will get local knowledge advice on what you need for your trip and current trail diversions.

We also recommend purchasing the MBF maps as they provide a great overview of your cycle route.

Before your ride, use icon filters to find accommodation and caravan options and food stops along the way. As you are riding along, know when the next Cafe is coming up and enjoy the history and points of interest. The Munda Biddi Trail gives you all the information you need for the ride you plan: navigation, elevations, food, water, distances, train station and more. Enjoy an overview of ride when you check the waypoint photos to get a feel for each location. Use the Cyclewayz (Guthook) Custom Route feature to mark your planned journey on our carefully selected trails. To learn how - Google search "Guthook Custom Route".

Munda Biddi Trail Head :  Mundaring. Albany

Stations: Perth Central, Midland

Car Access: Numerous Towns

Shuttle Service: (Ph +61 474 774 600)

Thank you to End to Ender, Bernard for providing the route notes and photos.

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