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Adelaide to Alice Springs Cycling

Adelaide to Alice Springs Cycling

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2240km, Mostly Flat, Hilly in Flinders Ranges, sealed/unsealed


AVOID HOT MONTHS. (October to March)

Always tell someone (or the local Police Station) where you are going and when you expect to finish.

The open desert of the outback has a unique beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Cycling here is a real challenge and will test your resilience. You will need to be experienced to tackle this fabulous route.

Start in Adelaide right on the beach and cycle through the Flinders ranges, MAWSON TRAIL, Oodnadatta Track and finally on to Alice Springs in the centre of the Outback. 

The Mawson Trail showcases everything the region North of Adelaide has to offer, such as the Flinders Ranges and Barossa winery region. This area with water and cycle paths lets you get fit before you take on the outback and its challenges. As you head north your fellow tourists will slowly change from civilised tourists enjoying the finer things in life to the hardy, dusty travellers of the outback

The legendary 620 km Oodnadatta track traces the route of the Old Ghan railway line named after camels and handlers imported from Afghanistan in the 1800s. The 400 km section we travel on is unsealed, inhospitable and can be very hot and there is NOTHING out here: NO PEOPLE FOOD OR WATER - sometimes for 200 km. Josiah told us as finished this ride: " When you reach Oodnadatta the welcome sign says it all 'The driest town, of the driest state, of the driest continent.' I still consider the Oodnadatta Track the most godforsaken place, but I also kind of miss it. Looking back, I might even allow that I enjoyed it!"

Beware that Marree to Oodnadatta and painted desert route via Cadney Homestead to Marla has little support and almost no water. Take care to be well supplied with food and water. Ask the locals for current conditions. 

After Marla it is the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs with an optional side trip to Uluru which you can download if you have the energy for it!   

Start: Adelaide, Alice Springs

Transport: Adelaide or Alice Springs Airport or Train

Thank you to Josiah Skeats for mapping this incredible journey.

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