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North Country Trail: Minnesota

North Country Trail: Minnesota

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Experience the diverse beauty of the North Country National Scenic Trail across Minnesota, covering approximately 560 miles of varied landscapes. (Please note that this guide does not include the Superior Hiking Trail.) Walk the historic grounds marked by iron mining, Indigenous peoples sites, and remnants of the white pine logging era. Spot iconic northern wildlife like loons, moose, and bald eagle. Northwestern Minnesota reveals the agriculturally rich Red River Valley, offering an engaging blend of urban, prairie, and woodland hiking. In North Central Minnesota, immerse yourself in a landscape sculpted by glaciers, filled with lakes, wetlands, and a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. Northeastern Minnesota provides a quintessential northwoods experience, rich in Minnesota Iron Range history. The Border Route and Kekekabic Trail sections are now parts of the official North Country National Scenic Trail, offering scenic hikes along the US-Canada border. Experience the intricate Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness as you journey along the famed Border Route and Kekekabic Trails.

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